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Looking for ideas and inspiration to help you develop yourself and your business? Our internet radio show is hosted from England and is the no 1 show for Entrepreneurs and Leaders and 3rd largest business show in Europe, US and Canada on the world's largest on-line radio platform Voice America.  Our show and extensive archive is accessed up to 100,000 times per month from over 50 countries and also available in itunes.

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"I am completely indebted to Chris and Be More. Achieve More"
Richard Pitt, Head of Business Insurance Services RBS

" The Achiever Programme is a fantastic community to belong... Thank you Chris for having and holding the vision" Carroll Macey, Managing Director CM2C

"For anyone out there looking to increase their profitability and value of their business, then Chris is a man to work with"

Stephen Gould, Managing Director Everards Brewery Ltd

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01455 824233.

'I thoroughly enjoyed appearing on Be More. Achieve More alongside Dr Ivan Misner. Chris Cooper did a fantastic job of involving the two of us in the show, allowing us to bounce off each other and I thought there was excellent chemistry between the three of us. I do a number of interviews across the year and this was probably the stand out one for me'.

(Andy Lopata - described by the Times as 'one of Europe's leading network strategists')


Latest Radio Shows (free access)

31st October - 'How to succeed in the new game of business' - with guest Roger Harrop

24th October - 'Special Encore: Amazing Marketing' - with guest Geoff Ramm

17th October - 'Charisma' - with guest Nikki Owen

10th October - 'Special Encore Show:The PRS Story' - with guest Jack Higginbotham

3rd October - '9 habits of thinking bigger' - with guest Richard Newton

26th September - 'Media Magic' - with guest Shannon Burnett-Gronich

19th September - 'Who will I be this year?' - with guest Debbie McAndrew

12th September - 'Younger next year' - with guest Chris Crowley

5th September - Dealing with addiction - with guest Dr Robert LeFever

29th August - SPECIAL ENCORE 'Negotiation' - with guest Derek Arden

22nd August - 'Born Free' - with guest Will Travers OBE

15th August - 'Information products' - with guest Peter Thomson

8th August - 'Creative Problem Solving' - With guest David Hall

1st August -  'Executive Longevity' - with guest Tim Bean

25th July - SPECIAL ENCORE 'KLOUT' - with guest Terry Brock

18th July - 'PowerPoint Surgery' - with guest Lee Jackson

11th July - 'The power of small' - with guest Paul Dunn

4th July - 'ENCORE PRESENTATION - Disruptive Change' - with Graeme Codrington

27th June - 'Neuroscience for great work & personal success' -with guest Amy Brann

20th June - 'Corporate Executive Presence' - with Rob Brown

13th June - 'Flying high' - with guest Mandy Hickson

6th June - 'NLP for business success' with guest Jeremy Lazarus

30th May - 'SEP - Media' - with guest Michael Dodd

23rd May - 'How to be a coporate athelete' - with guest Sheena Walker

16th May - 'Crowd Funding' - with guest Steve Houghton-Burnett

9th May - 'How to be the pack leader' - with guest Lesley Hunter

2nd May - 'Good businesses give!' - with guest David Hyner

25th Apr -'No More Procrastination' - with guest Stephen Sutton & Mike Pagan

18th Apr - ENCORE PRESENTATION 'Efficiency Ideas' - with guest Mike Pagan

11th Apr - 'the Golden Boy & The Headhunters' - with guest Simon Steenholm

4th Apr - 'Business Collaboration' - With guests Simon Drury & Steve Bernard

28th Mar - 'Global Convergence' - with guest Marshall Thurber

21st Mar - 'Winners never quit, quitters never win' - with guest Mark Colbourne

14th Mar - 'Cultural Intelligence - Raising your game' - with guest Deborah Swallow

7th Mar - 'What it takes to be an engaging leader' - with guest Stuart Pickles

28th Feb - 'How to get your people to perform' with guest host David Bassett

21st Feb - 'How to run a successful family business' - with guest Peter Roper

14th Feb - 'ENCORE - World Class' - with guests Chris Cook & Simon Hartley

7th Feb - 'The art of the customer experience' - with guest Joseph O'Hara

31st Jan - 'How do you become world class?' with guest Simon Hartley

24th Jan - 'Challenge life by living on purpose' - with guest Craig Goldblatt

17th Jan - 'The value of happiness' - with guest Steve Head

10th Jan - 'How to do business in the Middle East & Asia' - with guest Amer Qureshi

13th Dec - Encore Presentation 'How to be a great parent...' with Shonette Bason

6th Dec - Encore Presentation 'World Class' with guests Chris Cook & Simon Hartley

29th Nov - Replay Presentation 'Step into the New You' with guest Nicci Roscoe

22nd Nov - 'Step into the New You!' - with guest Nicci Roscoe

15th Nov - "How Neuroscience Can Power Sales Success" - guest Simon Hazeldine

8th Nov - "Find your thing and get famous for it!" - with guest Lucy Whittington

1st Nov - "Klout - How influential are you?" - with guest Terry Brock

25th Oct - 'Showing up is for winners' - with guest Mette Bloch

18th Oct - 'From Intention to Implementation' with guest Peter Haddon

11th Oct - 'Discovering Your Creative Style' with guest David B Goldstein

4th Oct - 'The Biology of Change' with guest Asara Lovejoy

27th Sept - Go Global with Digital Media with guests Dave Sharpe and Peter Daly-Dickson from Small Business Owner International

20th Sept - Family Business - how to run them successfully with MD of Everards Brewery Stephen Gould

13th Sept - 'The STARR Principle' with guest Tanya Mann Rennick

6th Sept - 'Growing Your Business the Practical Way' with Doug D'Aubrey

30th August - 'Improving Your Voice' with Luan de Burgh

9th August - 'Successful Real Estate Investing' with leading real estate investor Simon Zutshi'

2nd August - 'How to develop extraordinary relationships in the workplace' with Dave Bradley and TV and Movie Actress Karen Asemper

26th July - 'How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Business' with Celia Delaney

19th July - Business Secrets of the Trapist Monks - A CEO's Quest for Meaning and Authenticity with guest August Turak

12th July - How to use humour and storytelling in your presentations and speeches with Ashley Boroda and Andrew Thorp

5th July - I inspire me - the principles of practical leadership with Tony Wilson Founder and Global CEO of the Lifestyle Architecture Group people development group

28th June - 'How to be a great parent as well as a busy professional' with Shonette Bason

21st June - 'How not to come second - the art of successful business pitches' with David Kean

14th June - 'How to build a business that runs without you' with serial entrepreneur Steve Abel.

7th June - 'How to deal with people when people skills don't come naturally' with guest Christine Marsh

24th May - 'From dream to iconic brand - the PRS Guitars story with guest Jack Higginbotham President of PRS Guitars

17th May - Growing Your Business FAST with guest Adrian Pike co-founder and CEO of Anesco

10th May - 'Transforming Your Business' with Jonathan Davey and Derek Findlayson

3rd May - 'Linkedin' - how to use it to develop your business and career with Will Kintish

26th April - 'Life Mapping' with international speaker and author Brian Mayne

19th April -'Fully Integrated Teams' with author and President of Perfue Foods Jim Leighton

12th April -'Leadership - how to lead effectively and great results' with author of The Times Guide to Leadership Marianne Abib-Pech

5th April - 'Success In Hard Times' including the easiest ways to increase your profits with guest Mike Ogilvie

29th March- 'Strategy on a Page' with guest Deri Llewellyn-Davies of Business Growth International

22nd March - 'Self Made: Generate Your Wealth Like a Millionaire' with Dr Meryl Koslow and
Dr Ivan Misner

15th March - 'SoulScaping' with guest International Artist Louis Parsons

8th March - 'Great Service Sells' with guests Joe Adams and Derek Williams (Mr Wow)

1st March - 'How to Shine' with guests Andy McMenemy (Ultramarathon world record holder) and Simon Hartley (Sports Psychologist and performance coach)

22nd February - 'BounceBackAbility' with guest speaker and author Vinay Parmar

15th February - 'Mental Toughness' - with leading US speaker, author and former US tennis Pro Steve Siebold.

8th February - 'Change Your Mind, Change Your Future' - with leading international personal development expert and Master Trainer of NLP David Shephard.

1st February - 'Leadership - How to become a better leader' - with leadership expert and adventurer Neil Laughton

25th January - 'Media - tools, tip and techniques for working with Media' - with guest Michael Dodd

18th January - 'Fearless at Work' - with guest the author and Budhism expert Michael Carroll

11th January - 'Great Events' - How to put on your own stand out event with guest Paul Cook (6th December Show to be aired again)

4th January - 'Culture is Everything' with Martin Palethorpe and Values Centre CEO Phil Clothier

21st December - 'Thought Leadership' with Mindy Gibbins-Klein

14th December - 'Powerful Questions to influence client meetings' with guest Sean Weafer

6th December - 'Great Events' - How to put on your own stand out event with guest Paul Coo


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